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Implementation of an advisory board of entrepreneurs/managers from the Valetis network

For entrepreneurs and managers open feedback is often rare, discussion partners are usually not independent or too far removed from the complexity of every day’s professional life. This “lonely peak” dilemma is characteristic for executive leaders as they in particular have an extremely high need for discussion and reflection. This is a dilemma for managers in particular, as they have an extremely high need for discussion and reflection.

Established behavioural preferences, decision-making patterns and working routines can lead to blind spots that restrict one’s own vision and scope for action. Sometimes, it is not the “classic” consultancy that is needed, but a space guarantying privacy and a competent sparring partner at eye level to be able to formulate, sort and reformulate thoughts at eye level and thus develop new solutions.

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We facilitate advisory board meetings with a moderator in which the individual questions and topics of the manager and entrepreneurs can be addressed and solved together in a structured way. Reflecting on one’s entrepreneurial practice with colleagues facing similar kind of challenges generates an interesting diversity of opinions and solutions – it creates a process of unique value. The members of the advisory board benefit directly from the knowledge, experience and perspectives of the other members and of the moderators.

»Wege entstehen dadurch, dass man sie geht.«

Franz Kafka

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