Rehabilitation using the protective shielding method

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Monitoring of a protective shielding procedure

After years of restructuring, RS Media Marketing Services GmbH found itself in a crisis due to seasonal underfinancing. An initiated change in strategy proved to be a fundamentally correct measure for the media agency. The new management is exhausting all available resources to enable a future-oriented approach. The assistance of a restructuring consultant was commissioned by the financiers to ensure transparency and provide professional support. The aim is to further restructure the company and reorganise its financing structure.

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Establishment of a liquidity office and development of a restructuring and continued financing concept, stakeholder management (in particular employees, financiers and customers), option development, preparation and implementation of a protective shielding procedure, intensive sparring with the managing director


Achieving transparency in a difficult situation and deriving the possible options for action. Development of a restructuring approach using the possibilities offered by insolvency law within the framework of a protective shield procedure with the involvement and coordination of the relevant stakeholders. Implementation of a selective M&A process. Restructuring successfully transferred to a strategic investor while retaining all customers and successful reorientation for the future.

»Wege entstehen dadurch, dass man sie geht.«

Franz Kafka

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