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Follow-up research for a water damage repairer

The two founders have built up the fire and water damage restoration company over the past few years from its foundation to over 70 employees. Now the transfer to a sustainably stable new investor should take place. The large market participants were also interested, but could not or did not want to take over within the desired deal structure. The transaction should also be carried out discreetly.

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Building damage
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Solution & result


In consultation with the client, small family offices and private investors who prefer pragmatic solutions were approached in addition to the large, major market participants. Valetis was able to find an adequate investor who took over the company’s shares at short notice and pragmatically.


Thanks to the chosen approach, the company could be transferred into new hands at relatively short notice.

»We felt we were in good hands with Valetis. The desired goal of short-term transaction success was successfully achieved.«

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