• How do we face challenges and solve problems?

    From those here at Valetis, we would like to express the following: We have at our disposal, great intellectual curiosity paired with extensive expertise and a multidisciplinary approach. In our professional lives, we have all experienced high stress situations and have also encountered many obstacles and challenges of the utmost difficulty. Our perspective on challenge is that it should be regarded as an opportunity and always taken head on, absent prejudice towards the cause or origin. According to our view, the solutions to problems are based on meticulous analysis, the inclusion and consideration of various perspectives, creativity, and flexibility along with the primacy of feasibility or practicability.

  • How do we demonstrate that our claims are sincere?

    The saying, “what you see is what you get” is our internal credo that reflects clear, simple and honest standards and processes throughout our organisation. The individuals who you become acquainted with at Valetis, are the same experts who work with our clients. We undertake our tasks and mission very seriously. This means that all our partners are active in projects, and stand at the disposal of our clients. This is the only way that we can guarantee that our requirements, along with the needs and demands of our clients will be met to the appropriate standard. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we are satisfied only when work is fulfilled completely and accurately. This is how we perceive and judge ourselves. Against such standards, we welcome our clients to measure and confirm for themselves.

  • What do we think of failure?

    Whether in a professional or private context, getting everything right is nigh on impossible. As with all individuals, we too, have had experiences with own and other failure. However, we have come to realise that even in failure, one can still emerge with a victory. The importance is to learn from these experiences and bring greater knowledge and superior expertise into upcoming, future projects with a positive mindset. Individuals like to perceive failure as a “worst case scenario”, but according to our perspective, failure, is most of the time, not the end. Rather, a chance for opportunity to arise and to be made something of.

  • What is our take on accountability?

    We work in an economic context and by nature this is also a social context. Therefore, we feel it is our responsibility to not only develop successful business solutions but to also integrate sustainability and work towards the implementation of balanced solutions. At the same time we are entrpreneurs and also take the inheritant responsibility very seriously.